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ABOUT ME //////

Superb synth pop, an intriguing voice,
a dash of guitar alongside tightened beats: That's how THE FAN take you on a ride into the audiovisual universe they created. Strictly DIY, winking at all the decades of pop music, the musical poetry of THE FAN lifts you up instead of dragging you down - life is a bitch, but dancing is always an option
The band members are Lea Walloschke aka D Lorry Anne and Max von Morgen. THE FAN keep close to the performing arts and play theatre stages as well as electronic music clubs and festivals.
The album THEFT YUCK MESS (which is an anagram of 'fuck the system') was released by the band in 2013. It is available on all the download platforms and on Spotify.

Max von Morgen is occasionally releasing solo songs – find them on his website.


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